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      Matrix - a Foundational Structure

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Most of us have seen or at least know of the movie, 'The Matrix' and it’s two sequels – 'The Matrix Reloaded' and 'The Matrix Revolutions'.  This site is NOT about, nor is it a correlation to the movies – although I do intend to take advantage of their popularity to get your attention.  The actual purpose of this site is to inspire you to think and feel from a perspective that perhaps you have not considered, and if you have considered, to offer you some validation.

A MATRIX is a place or point from which something originates, takes form, or develops.  In the movies, the Matrix is the program the humans live in but are unaware of until they are ‘unplugged’ and informed of its existence.  If you are here, reading this, most likely you have chosen the red pill and are wanting to explore further.  Please do!

There are many questions and much speculation on who and where we are in this universe, and if our realm is what one can consider ‘real’.  Or is it perhaps virtual?  There is also much discussion about our world being a simulation or a hologram.  The concept that we dwell in a realm with infinite possibility appeals and makes sense to me.  

Whether you feel there is a divine creator involved, or that it is all machinery is really up to you. No one but you can define your reality. They can only describe what they feel is real.  

Unfortunately, our Matrix appears to have been usurped by those who would program our reality based on THEIR desires. This has proven to be not in our best interest.  Most of the People have been convinced that life is limited and that choices must be made from the menu offered.  Fortunately for us, our true reality is INFINITE CHOICE.  The illusion of having no choice is a symptom of handing our personal power over to those who claim higher authority.

We can continue to let these usurpers rule us, or we can remember how to say NO, and... 


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The Eagles are Coming!

Much like Gandalf, Aragorn, the Elves, and the armies of men, who had the courage to march to Sauron's gate and demand his surrender, we are faced with forces which would take our lives.

We must have the courage to stand up and face these creatures and deny them what they have been stealing from us.

If we cannot find the courage to do so, we may deserve the fate they have in store.

To help us find the courage, we must remember that there are other forces who are on our side and will come forth when WE SHOW UP.

When we stand in courage, even in the darkest moment, we will hear the cry ...


I would rather die a warrior’s death

than live in the prison of someone else’s making,

but that is not my only choice.

Warrior Work

There comes a time in life when one is called to Step Up; Take a Chance; Become More;
  Live Boldly; Be a Hero; Save the World.

This world needs those who can recall their courage, to be more than they have ever been,
and to think higher than they have ever imagined.

Life is full of choices and there are times we need a little encouragement to be more and to do more.

May you find your courage here!

When you argue for your limitations - you get to keep them.
If everyday is an Awakening, you will never grow old.
You will just keep growing. 
       ~ Gail Sheehy

The choices we make today create all of our tomorrows.

When You Wonder if You're having a Spiritual Awakening,
You Probably Are

The experience of Awakening can be like a plunge into cold water, or like being purified by fire. It can also come as the harsh realization that the world is not what you think it is -
and never was.

The metaphors are endless and the individual experience of it incomparable.

Some of us realize early in our lives that we have come here for a purpose - on a mission, if you will.

Some feel they had no say in the situation and call you nuts if you suggest otherwise.

Whether you chose, or got shoved, does not alter the fact that you’re here. Question is - What are you going to do about it?

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The Journey to Awakening

My Awakening Journey began in earnest in my early 20s.
Having now lived over 60 years on this planet, I feel that some of my perspectives might be useful to those who are currently experiencing an Awakening.

    There were many moments when I thought I was going out           of my damned mind and realized, in retrospect, that was a good thing.

There's no easy way to get through it but realizing that there's a destination and this is part of the journey can help you through.

I have written many of my thoughts and experiences over the years and I truly hope that sharing them with you
will be of some comfort.

Never Give up!
Never Surrender!
Damn the Torpedoes and All That!

image - "Strength" by Emily Balivet