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The Fear Factor

The Fear Factor

Be Not Afraid!



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Courage is a term that seems to belong to days of yore, related to exploring unknown lands or battling dragons and pirates and such. These days it seems a courageous thing just to get into our cars and face the freeway, or to ask our boss for a raise, or to say hi to a stranger.

Fear of the unknown has plagued Mankind since we awakened on this planet. It is always best to know your 'enemy' and the true nature of it. Knowledge and Courage are two of the greatest tools at our disposal to reduce the 'fear factor' so you can make clearer decisions.


Facing Our Fears

Life is wrought with uncertainty, and sometimes it seems easier to just go along to get along. One problem with going along, is it will often lead you to places you never intended to be.

You must face a thing in order to know the truth of the thing. Illness and the thought of death are two of the most frightening things we must face in life; both make us feel powerless. In the movie, "The Thirteenth Warrior", one of the characters offered some wisdom that I will para-phrase here-

"The skein of your life was woven long ago. Hide in a hole if you must, but you'll not live one moment longer than you're meant to."

This is an excellent way to view life if you want to live it fully. All life ends at some point - that's a fact. So let us live in the meanwhile. If the COVID pandemic has taught us nothing else, it has made us realize that the uncertainty of life must be faced and dealt with as it comes.



Facing the Monster Within

There's a story about a Lady who dreamed that she was being chased by a Monster. In her dream she was running in terror with the Monster close behind her. It kept getting closer and louder, and more frightening as she ran and ran.

Finally, when she was almost out of strength and didn't know how she could be more frightened, she ran down a blind alley. She came to the wall. The Monster was upon her. She turned to face her tormentor and as he loomed over her, growling, she suddenly held out her hands and yelled, "STOP!!"

The Monster stopped.

She looked it in the eye and asked in a tremulous voice, "What are you going to DO to me?!"

The Monster looked back at her; shrugged and said, "Well hell Lady - I don't know. It's YOUR dream."

How To Be NOT Afraid -

  • Be honest with yourself and others. STAY in your Truth!
  • Eat, drink, live, and think Healthfully. Move your body. Meditate. Breath. Hug a tree.
  • If your doctor does not approve of natural medicine, find another doctor.
  • Do not let others convince you of anything, nor drag you into fear.
  • Educate Yourself - Do research; Listen to actual experts; Compare information.
  • Listen to your Heart and your Head
  • Follow the 'actual' science – not the 'narrative', nor the 'crowd'.
  • If you find you are afraid, discover and address the source.
  • Be resourceful and relentless!
  • Realize you are powerful beyond measure. 


“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”  ~Marie Curie



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