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The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

WE Create Our World!



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Witnessing our world, with all the issues and wondering what should be a done can be a frustrating and distressing experience.

Our justice system is broken. People are living in the streets where deadly drugs are being dolled out, crime rates are off the chart, we are being poisoned with chemicals at every level, adults are dropping dead, children are having heart attacks, cancer and other diseases are rampant. The organizations that claim to be working to solve all this and more are throwing around billions of dollars and apparently helping not at all.

We have thousands of facilities dedicated to incarcerating people for 'breaking the law'. Some of these people may actually be criminals but many, if not most, have been caught in the system and may not ever recover from it. These unfortunate souls are often used as slave labor and Guinea pigs for the medical establishment, and worse. One has to wonder, who are the true criminals.

And these are just some of the obvious issues. Dare we mention child trafficking and pedophile rings? Politicians, billionaires, and others who run our countries and organizations are doing unthinkable things behind closed doors. The average person is often ignorant of much of this, either by design or default, but the fact is, it is happening and we are each responsible to some degree.

No doubt claiming those who are not the perpetrators are somehow to blame for any of these heinous crime are fighting words, but let’s examine how an individual, who would never do or be involved in any of this, holds some level of responsibility. We all possess inherent intuition. We know that bad things are happening and often don’t know what to do about it.

Not knowing what to do is one thing, but not doing ANYTHING is quite another.

Being ‘response-able’ means you do what you can. Even if all you can manage is a heart-felt prayer, this is doing something, and often it is just the thing that starts making a difference.

You don’t have to be a religious person to send healing, loving thoughts to others. The power of intention is one of our greatest tools. On-the-ground action is certainly necessary and there are organizations aplenty that one can get involved with, but until the root cause of these issues is addressed, the chaos will persist.

The root cause is much deeper than political reform or eliminating capitalism, or even bringing the criminals to justice. The solution is the transformation of the heart of each individual until a tipping point is reached. Once we reach that point, the Collective Consciousness shifts and these issues lose their foundation. Those who created them either fall in line or they will fall away. Re-directing our focus changes the landscape of our consciousness.

To some, this may seem an outrageous, perhaps unattainable or even ridiculous concept, but if you look at it practically, it’s the one thing we haven’t truly attempted collectively. We have spent billions of dollars and ‘man-hours’ on reform; concepts of reform; attempts at reform; reforming the reforms; yet the problems persist and are getting worse.

Humans have been largely convinced that they are a plague upon the planet and that the ‘white man’ is the cause of all the woes inflicted. Even though there is a plethora of 'evidence' to these accusations, one has to wonder - Why does this appear to be the case? When did this begin? and Who started it? Did the first ‘white man’ who stepped onto this planet look around and say, “I own this place and death to all who defy me!” Maybe. If I’m white, is this my ‘manifest destiny’?

ALL Humans need the same things – clean air, water, and food; shelter; love; community; and a sense of purpose. Considering the abundance on our planet, it is clear there is enough for all and no reason to take from another. This indicates that there is another factor at play. If a person has all they need and access to more, what would drive them to force their will on another?


The mind searches for an answer. There are numerous stories of snakes in a garden, whispering lies; jealous gods demanding allegiance; tyrants, who by force of arms convince others to do their bidding and take from the 'undeserving masses'; lies, trickery, deceit, destruction, victims, and despair. Why? To what purpose? Certainly, human beings would not do this to themselves – unless they were convinced they must to survive.

If you consider the infiniteness of all that is, it is logical that the spectrum of possibilities runs from positive to negative and vice-versa. Infinite possibilities - but what orchestrates the whole? We can blame it all on god, or on nothing, or perhaps certain individuals with a mean streak.  To do so is to fall back into non-responsibility again. "Am I just a helpless human being victimized by tyrannical forces, or do I have a say in this? If I do have a say, what shall I say? What shall I DO? What CAN I do? It’s all very over-whelming. Is my only choice to be a victim? Where did I hear that I have infinite choices and the freedom to live as I choose? Who says I can’t?"


Often when we ask these questions, we hear regurgitated answers that the collective consciousness feeds us daily. We can blame it on politicians; the devil; white privilege; Trump! The list is long and varied. Daniel Quinn in 'Ishmael' called it the “Mother Culture whispering in our ears.”

Part of the difficulty and the reason so many of us are depressed and distraught is due to the constant bombardment of negative information. It demands our attention and leaves little room for focus on the positive. Just trying to choose a movie to watch for entertainment is a challenge. Variations in violence is our main choice. If not violence, there is the array of the inane to the insipid.

When is the last time you watched a movie that actually struck you deeply or taught you something about yourself or the world that improved your life? Much of our so-called entertainment lacks depth or inspiration. Mostly we witness violence with the hope that some hero will save the day. Rarely do we aspire to heroism ourselves.

On a final note, if we are to affect our world, we must learn to selectively and creatively detach from it. We have become so enmeshed in the appearances and the desires and the perceived limitations of our lives that we often default into to fear of loss and so, choose whatever we can get for fear of having nothing.

This is not Healthy creation.

We are divine manifestors and it is imperative that our minds, our psyche, and our bodies, are fed well. We must focus on the positive and on the world we desire in order to create that world.  Being angry, offended, indignant, outraged, and/or butt-hurt about all the injustice is a normal reaction, but it is a waste of emotion and ultimately does not serve the issue. Action - yes. Reaction - not so much.

We must remember how to detach to a healthy degree from our expectations and disappointments at the appearances in this world. This helps us to witness things more objectively and think more clearly in order to see the solutions.

Think Higher ~ Feel Deeper


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