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Who Shall Lead?



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I would like to dedicate this article to all the men and women who help our country run. I'm not talking about the people who hold political office, although there may still be a few who deserve recognition for doing their best in a seriously dysfunctional situation.

I'm speaking of those who give it their all to make our systems work and are often so busy just keeping the bills paid, they don't have much time to see what's really going on in our world.  It's way past time we realize the life we've all been working for is going in a direction that we never intended, and only we can change that.

There are certain groups of individuals who have been manipulating our lives for at least a few centuries. The level of deception is inconceivable and now, between the distraction, the lies, the stress, the shell shock, and the fear and hopelessness, many among us have been rendered seemingly helpless.

Like most wounded animals, these seemingly helpless ones often lash out at any who offer them assistance. In these days of ‘wokeness’, you may be condemned for not trying to help; for trying to help; for not doing it right; or for giving up through fear of being wounded yourself. What’s a Hero to do?

Our economic systems, along with our infrastructure are not just failing, they are being intentionally destroyed. Municipal and Healthcare systems are being taxed, fined, and gutted until they can no longer operate. If the working man/woman cannot make ends meet, the system flounders and the supply chain halts. Those who have actual skills in carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, herbal medicine, etc. will be the ones most likely to thrive. If you’re a banker, lawyer, or shyster of any kind, you may be hard-pressed. Since everything in our world depends on the dollar-go-round, this is going to be a challenge for just about everyone.

Often, due to bureaucracy [I believe that's a French word for bullshit], most organizations and individuals have just tightened their belts and paid whatever fines the authorities have pulled out of their asses. This serves to  cripple and then destroy the organization. If there's nothing left to give and no one willing or able to do the actual work, how do we deal.

Whether we admit it or not, we are being warred upon and it is hard to tell who the real enemy is. If you have never doubted that our government has the best interest of the people at heart, doubt it now.

In the past few years, since covid came to town, the beast who lives among us has been exposed. This beast has become such an icon in the minds of the people that most still don’t know what they’re looking at, nor do they recognize the danger they are facing.

The biggest issue we are facing here is the shattering of our belief system. Let me rephrase that. The first and hardest hurdle, is that most of what we've always held true, is a lie.


Is Freedom Free?

We have been told for so long that we are a 'Free Country' and have based all of our philosophies, actions, and arrogances on that concept. There are those who state that 'Freedom is NOT Free' and there are those who would have us pay for it dearly - over and over. We've been fighting wars in the name of 'freedom' for centuries and in truth, can only vaguely conceive of the concept, having never attained it. To have to realize we are not free within this system and never have been, is just too big a kick in the ass to ignore.

We have accepted most of the lies without question. Our 'Free' system has given us the right to vote as we please and elect the people we feel will be the most beneficial to our needs. How's that working so far? Has it ever really worked to the favor of the people.

Now that we are realizing it, we have to come to terms within ourselves of not only the horror of being lied to, but that we allowed it. This truth is almost unbearable. But bear it we must if we are to take back our power and set things right.

Our system has become so complicated and corrupt that it serves no one, not even itself and yet it's all we have so we keep giving it our allegiance. There's an old saying most of you will remember about beating a dead horse and the insanity of such actions. Also re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic comes to mind.

It is time, Ladies and Gentlemen, to take NEW action. Action unlike any that has ever been taken before, at least in our memory. Each of us knows within ourselves what needs to be done to create our world without all the strife and destruction. We do not need someone to tell us what to do, much less give us permission to do it! We do however, need to cooperate and allow each other to be who we are. When we do this with open hearts and minds, all things will sort themselves out. It is when we are pitted against each other and have to fight for our lives that everyone else seems like a threat.

One of the first steps is to get over who we think is right or wrong. Realize we have ALL been ‘doing it wrong’. We are ALL to blame. Admit it and let's move on.




We are each capable of leadership and those of us who have the courage to step up first need to take that step to set an example for those around us. This stepping into action has nothing to do with our egos nor claiming any undue power over anyone else. It is a benevolent action that allows us to serve others and the whole of society to the best of our abilities. Operating from this position of benevolence will allow us to find strength and understanding within ourselves that we may never have known existed. There is no need to worry about failure when you are operating from a truly righteous position.

Those who are serving the public and doing your best under fire, join sources and support each other in standing for your rights as a public servant. The state nor anyone else has the right to tax and fine us until it is impossible to operate. If we continue to roll over and pay their fines, they will continue their demands. It's the way bullies operate.


A note to the women of the world:


I strongly encourage each of you to step up and stand in your power. Let go of any and all perceived wrongs and do what we do best – Love and Nurture!

Our men may have messed things up in our eyes but more than ever, they need us to stand by them. We must do everything in our power to support them as they learn once again to stand in their power, to create the changes that will secure a future for our children - not by destroying an enemy but by realizing who they are and living from that place, as opposed to the fear and anger they have been taught.

We each need to look deep within ourselves and bring forth the amazing love we were created with and let every action be tempered by that love.

Life is so precious and the earth is so beautiful. How can we fully experience this when we allow our very survival to be under constant threat? It's time for us to become the magnificent beings we were created to be.

No more excuses!

We did not come to this planet merely to pay taxes until we die!


Hero Up, Y'all!



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