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Politics, Conspiracy, & Aliens - Oh My!

Politics, Conspiracy, & Aliens - Oh My!

Who Will Save us?



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To open your heart means risking it all -
to experience great joy and profound sorrow.
~ Tom Mathews


I wrote this piece in February 2008, after heavy exposure to information on the IRS debauchery; the illuminati and bilderberg group; the federal reserve; “Zeitgeist, The Movie”; politics and conspiracy theories; biological poisoning and pollution; war and terrorism; and last but not least - UFO sightings!

The aliens are amongst us!

Most of this stuff I was aware of but had basically avoided looking at it too closely since there are so many far more pleasant subjects to study. Plus, just keeping the bills paid and dealing with relationships can be traumatic enough.

When I also posted this writing on the message board of my Intimacy Group, one person chastised me for using this title, feeling that it would turn people off. 'What's conspiracy and aliens got to do with Intimacy?' 

My thoughts on this are that, all subjects are relative. We can study each subject separately, but until we look at the whole picture, it is difficult to realize how it all fits together. I also believe that we, as adults, need to take a good hard look at the world around us and not be shielding our eyes too much when it comes to looking at what we perceive as ‘ugly’.

Most people I shared the article with, including me, found the title amusing so it stuck. I truly believe that even the most serious of subjects must be filtered through levity to keep things from getting too heavy, and for the sake of sanity. Now that you better understand my somewhat warped sense of humor, I will attempt to correlate.

Back to the list above: Conspiracy and speculation on who is doing what is all very fascinating, however, the excessive preponderance there-of is not very conducive to life, and can be downright detrimental. Let us try to keep everything in perspective, shall we? So how does one keep one’s wit about oneself whilst observing the insanity around us? This is a need-to-know subject.

It’s all about balance.


One of the TV channels was airing a series of disaster scenarios at the time - “It Could Happen Tomorrow!”  and I particularly liked the one titled: “The World Without Humans”

Did you know that within about 100 years, nature can almost completely cover over the traces of our society? Give it a few hundred more and it would be as though we never existed - unless you dig very deeply. These are comforting thoughts. This planet is fully capable of taking care of itself. So perhaps we could focus on the direction of our society and how we might not only keep from destroying it, but actually improve our experience whilst we’re here

I must also say, that interspersed with the aforementioned topics, I was subjected to moments of love and beauty beyond description. Pictures, conversations, and realizations that feed the soul. I revel in the fact that there is so much beauty and awesomeness in this life, and I mourn that we can so often overlook it in each moment and choose to focus, instead, on the lack and limitation that WE ARE CREATING here!

Who Will Save us?

I know many people who really do care, and really do want to do something about things. Often, while speaking with them on the concept that the solution lies within us, and that until we set aside the delusion that surrounds us and re-member who we are, the solutions will continue to elude us.

They look at me and blink for a moment and then we go back to the subject of planting trees, recycling, and political reform. How is it that so many still believe our political leaders have EVER solved anything?

Yes, we need to plant trees; recycle; clean up oil spills and radioactive waste; etc. But WHY? Why are these things necessary? Why are they even happening? Why are the solutions not happening naturally? What is the force that is constantly undermining our very survival on this Planet?

We keep looking to the outer. We blame it on politicians; on the ‘evildoers’; foreigners; the devil; aliens! When do we look to ourselves? When do we ask ourselves –

Who AM I? What can I do to be the amazing entity that I was created to be, instead of the victim of circumstance that I appear to be? We need to understand that NO amount of political leadership or reform is going to absolve us of the situation we are in!


Now, when I originally wrote this article, the statement above sounded like someone was shouting it in my head. It was as if the 'voice' was saying - "Somehow you have to make them hear this!"

I encourage you to take a moment and ponder its meaning before you read on.

'To the Threshold of Silence' by Karezoid Michal Karcz


I re-discovered a book in my library that I had never read called “Warriors of the Heart” by Danaan Perry. He is a classic example of a man who moved through all of the societal conditioning of being a leader who leads by force, to becoming a man who leads by example - through love and compassion. Many things he discovered, but the realization that one must accept the dark side of his or her nature in order to transform it, was probably the most revealing thing.

Our world is one of darkness and light. One without the other gives us no contrast. Our choices are infinite.



Don’t let the titles of things deter you, nor the apparent presentation of things mislead you. Look at everything life brings to you and understand that it is all part of the adventure.

When you find yourself saying, “Well I really would like for things to be this way, BUT…”  STOP IT!  Don’t let your 'buts' get in the way. Create things the way you would like to see them! We must stop arguing for our limitations!

Those who are at the helm of some company or organization, put forth your energy! These are not status symbols. These are positions of opportunity to influence the changes we want. Put your energy into what you do! Pull your power into the center of your being and become electrified with that energy and channel it to the world around you. Be a conduit for love and wisdom and transform yourself so that everything you touch becomes transformed. Not because things are bad, but because you Love, and because it is amazing and fulfilling to do so.

Being intimate with ones self allows us to stand in the face of the darkness in this world, and to face our own personal darkness, without fear and with Love. If indeed we are facing such life altering situations as conspiracy and aliens, do we think that our politicians are capable of helping?

Do they know intimacy? Are their actions from their heart? Are they capable of standing for our society and freedom if things go bad? Who is?!

There is so much more to us than what we are pretending to be! Pretending can be fun, but how much are we enjoying this game?

Love and life cannot be defined by the limits of our understanding. Intimacy is not just about feeling good – it is about Everything!

I encourage each of us to Love Responsively and to Live Responsibly!


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