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The Depths of Emotion

The Depths of Emotion

Courage is the Key



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Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate... but that we are powerful beyond measure.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

Once upon a time, a couple of decades ago, I was talking with a friend on what to do with all the emotions that seemed so over-whelming. She suggested a variety of methods that might help to release these inexpressible feelings - including crying, beating pillows, etc.

I said to her, “I cannot cry hard enough, and there is not a pillow on this Earth that could withstand what I am talking about. These feelings are like laser beams that could cut a building in half.”

Destruction was not what I wanted. I wanted to be able to focus these feelings to the point of Creation.

My whole life, I have been frustrated that the world that was being presented to me is not real. I was not always able to articulate that point but I knew that what I was being told was wrong somehow and if this is as good as it gets, it was unacceptable.

The human animal has a profound capacity for emotion. That’s not to say that all animals don’t, but I cannot speak for them. Having been some version of human for over 60 years, I have a rather intimate relationship with emotion, and the lack and thwarting thereof.

So many things bring me to tears. Crying was not looked well upon by my family. The vulnerability was just too scary. Better to feed the anger, swallow the tears, and go kick something’s ass for daring to confront me and bring me to this. Crying was a weakness to be gotten over as quickly as possible. Better to be strong and never have to cry.

One question I have been wrestling with most of my life is, “How do I experience the depths of my emotion without falling apart?”

This question came up again after watching a movie that has the recurring theme of love unfulfilled due to the conditions of our world. I hate that theme!

In my considered opinion, to experience profound passion and rapturous love in this lifetime is a sacred privilege and should take precedence over all else.

I was inspired, after blowing my nose, to focus again on this question, looking for the answer. This time I used the EFT tapping process and repeated this question – “How do I experience the depths of emotion without falling apart?”

I had a sudden glimpse of emotions as the source of our creative power. Emotions are the doorway to creating what we want!  The experience of them is not unlike going through the hurricane into the eye of the storm. The fear of the storm is what stops us. The only way to - is through!

Once we Grok this, it all falls into place and we step into our power.

Behold – Anthropos 11!  The New Human.

Emotion is the Single most Valuable Commodity in this Universe.

Art by Charles Frizzell

More valuable than gold or any other coveted substance, emotion is the most exploited, envied, misunderstood, controlled, manipulated, harvested, and consumed of all substances.

To feel is what we came here for, and yet we run for cover at every opportunity. We shun it, condemn it, hide from it, drown it, and numb it every day. Often the only time we are truly in touch with our emotions is when we are in rage or despair.

To be 'In Love' is one of the greatest highs we’ll ever experience, but the foundation of our love is often so mal-formed and mis-conceived that it ultimately collapses us back into despair.

It is said that even the angels were jealous of the humans' ability to experience emotion and to choose of their own free will. So, what are we choosing?

When I choose to actually feel my emotions, it is like grabbing hold of a live electric wire. The intensity of stepping into the depths of feeling is so over-whelming, it feels as though I may not survive it.

I have survived childbirth. I will survive this.


In the movie “Ghost”, Patrick Swayze has been killed and is wanting desperately to be able to connect with the physical so that he can warn and save his Lover (Demi Moore). He meets a very unlikely fellow on the subway who tells him that he must focus ALL of his emotion – ALL his love; ALL his hate; ALL his fear - in order to do what he wants.

This focus; these emotions; this power that we have become masters at avoiding, is that which creates and destroys worlds. Stepping into our emotion with all its turbulence and realizing that this is our center of power, alters our reality.

We were built for this!

Whether there actually exists an enemy who desires to consume us, or there is an energy inherent in our universe which will cooperate fully with us in our own destruction, We hold the Key and have the choice of whether we Live, or become consumed by these opportunistic energies in which we swim.


Courage is the Key, Emotions are the Doorway, and the Universe is our Playground.



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