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Living With Gaia

Living With Gaia

An Other-Worldly Vision



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Not unlike the High Elves of Middle Earth, when we walk thru the forests, parks appear all around us through nature’s respect and love for us. There is golden sunshine and cool shade for our choosing.

The trees part and soft grasses spread at our feet. The trees also offer a soft place to rest or sleep. Of all the plants, the trees are the most conscious.

We have no need of walls nor roofs since the weather is benevolent, and if it does shower, the trees offer shelter when we choose not to stand in the rain.

We have little need of food. We eat for pleasure, and what pleasure it is! Fruit all around us, so rich and nourishing, just one piece can satisfy the body for hours, even days.

We don’t cook and there are no dishes other than our personal goblets. In these we pour crystal clear water, and then infuse it with our own personal energy. The result is a golden, sparkling nectar that refreshes and invigorates mind, body, and soul.

Our days are spent, wandering where we will, communing with nature and Gaia. We swim; we laugh; we sing; we make love. Each day is more splendid than the last, and time is a no thing.

Some of us create art from the nature around us. If we care to wear clothing, we can communicate with the natural elements and fibers can be woven into gossamer fabrics and fashioned however we like. When we no longer need or want them, they return to their source.

Some of us love adventure and will go off alone or in groups, seeking whatever experience we desire. We may climb mountains or fly over them. We may sail on the sea in beautiful ships that are fashioned from natural elements and our imagination. We sometimes choose to swim with the ocean creatures, diving deeply to experience watery worlds.

Our lives are a wonder and completely natural. There is no striving at any level. It is unnecessary since everything we desire is at our fingertips, and we are never bored. There is too much beauty and peace; too many things to create and places to visit.

This world is ours and we are hers - replete in our harmony.


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