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The Least Needed Thing

The Least Needed Thing

Eternity's Divine Metaphor



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There’s a party game that we played once back in the early 80s. Don’t know its origin and no one I’ve ever mentioned it to has heard of it, but it offers a great life lesson.

Ingredients of the Game – at least 3 or 4 well toasted couples and a Host[ess] to call the shots, along with a couple others to referee and bear witness.

Ideally the game should be played after everyone has imbibed a bit. Folks are a little more gullible and it adds to the fun.

Mix the couples up so no one is with their original partner. Choose one couple to start and send the rest off to another part of the house so they can’t hear what’s going on.

Set the couple on the floor or in chairs and cover them both with a sheet. The Host[ess] then begins to explain the rules of the game. It goes something like this –

“The purpose of this game is to discover one particular item you have on your body that you need the least. It may be your shoes or your watch or an item of clothing that you can do without, but we’re looking for this one thing and it’s up to you to discover what this one thing is. Once you figure it out and toss it out here to me, you Win!”

You see the two heads under the sheet turn to look at each other, and you hear some whispering and giggling.

The Host[ess] continues – “Okay, so what is the one item you have on that you need the least. Again, it could be a watch or jewelry or shoes. The first person to figure it out and hand it over to us Wins. So, let’s go! What is the one item you have on your body that you need the least?”

Again, the heads under the sheet turn to look at each other and the witnesses see some scrambling around as a shoe comes flying out, or maybe a sock; keys; hairclips; a wedding ring.

The voice of the Host[ess] goes on, encouraging and cajoling – “Well, that’s good but it’s just not what we’re looking for so we want you to keep thinking about it and give us the thing you have on your body that you need the least.”

When I played this game, I wasn’t wearing a bra – which would have been the first thing to go - so I offered up my shoes; all my jewelry; even my glasses. I had on a one-piece outfit and refused to get naked so I began to get a bit nervous as the voice continued to ask the same question –

“The thing we’re looking for is the one thing you have on your body that you need the least.”

The fellow next to me, Joe, was down to his pants and was also getting a bit nervous. One fellow who played the game managed to get his boxer shorts off while somehow keeping his jeans on. There was much scrambling under the sheet and the girl sitting next to him was squealing and averting her eyes until a pair of underwear came flying out. That, by the way, was my ex-husband and the father of my child.

Unfortunately, this was still not what the Voice was asking for and the game became more desperate, in a fun sort of way.

I had given all I was willing to give and yet the Voice droned on -

“The thing that we are looking for is the one thing you have on your body that you need the least.”

In my desperation, it finally hit me – the thing that I needed the least, that was on my body was nothing that I brought with me, and it had nothing to do with the alcohol or any other party favors. Jus'sayin'… It was what had been given me. It was the thing that blinded me to all else.

The thing which was on my body that I needed the least - was the Sheet!

Once it hit me that this was the trick, I yanked the sheet down and glared at Kitra. She sat there grinning and Joe was still looking around, confused. We all started laughing and it was time for another drink and to bring in the next round of victims.

This simple, seemingly harmless game is a divine metaphor for the lives we are living. Just like any riddle that we rack our brains over to understand its secret, once we know the answer, we want to kick ourselves for not realizing the obvious. When we are so caught up in the game, we fail to see what is often hidden in plain sight.

Lifting the Veil by Unspoken 411

The sheet is symbolic of the ‘Veil’ that was put upon us when we entered this realm. It helps us focus on the life at hand and keeps us from the distraction of the vastness of eternity. Our little finite brains might explode were we to be subjected to all that is.

So where do we go from here? Now that we know, or at least have an inkling of what the ‘trick’ is, how do we continue to walk around, attempting to keep up our human façade?

If you’re like me, you’re ready to blast out of here; be done with this madness. Then you remember – Oh yeah – I came here on purpose - to what? Alter this frequency? Change this paradigm? Heavy sigh…I so need a vacation - whatever that is. Can we just get this over with?

Why are people so obtuse?!  Hmmm…there was something about divine timing also…

It would be so much easier if we could just line up the perpetrators and send them into the oblivion they deserve, but apparently, that would be too easy and would not get to the proverbial root.

I – must – alter – my frequency – until – I transform – the template… as must those who also came here on this mission. It is the only way we will ‘break’ this program and release the perps from their bondage. Yes - I said Bondage.

Bondage begats bondage – did you not know?

Meanwhile, the sheet must remain while we are here to shield us from eternity. Those of us who realize the game must dwell in the façade and focus on our mission.

Failure is not an option. Apparently, the Universe is watching and depends on this transition for the next phase in our evolution.






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