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The Transformation of Our Society

The Transformation of Our Society

No Limitations!



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Disclaimer: The subject I am broaching here is most difficult, but so help me, I am determined to get it done. Please bear with me as I wander through the jungle of words and concepts in order to uncover the correct ones that will put forth the message so clearly that all may ‘grok’ it, without doubt of the purity of its meaning.

If this seems to be pointing to some situation in your own life that you’ve been working on, or perhaps trying to avoid, understand that we are all painting on a human canvas here and the paint goes where it will. The less we take issue with the color and style and perceived imperfections, the greater our art becomes.

Please clear your minds for a while and open your hearts as I pose some questions for your consideration...

  • Are you happy with the design of our culture and life on this planet?
  • Do you feel that something is fundamentally not working in our society?
  • Do you feel that maybe we could make some improvements?
  • Do you have a clue about the solutions and how to approach them?
  • Do you realize that we have technology that could solve most, if not all of our ecological issues?
  • Do you understand that many of these solutions are being intentionally withheld from us?
  • Do you know why?
  • Are you willing to take the steps necessary to create a world in which everyone thrives and is fulfilled?
  • What would it feel like to be genuinely accepted, nurtured, and valued for Who you are?

What if we could develop a culture in which...

  • Everyone has everything they need to live – in abundance.
  • No one has to work for a living.
  • There are no bills to pay.
  • Everyone is healthy and free medical is available whenever needed.
  • We can go anywhere, live anywhere, learn anything, do anything - Every Day - for Free.
  • Our children could grow up in an environment that not only does not threaten their lives, but actually nurtures them.

I think most of us would agree that this all sounds wonderful and seems like the way things ought to be. We all want a better world for ourselves and for our children. We may even have some pretty good ideas about how to go about it, and then - our ‘Buts’ start getting in the way.

Well, that would all be great...

BUT…it will never happen because our government won’t cooperate.

BUT…certain people won’t agree.

BUT…it’s never been accomplished in our whole history.

BUT…what if we try and fail?

BUT…That's Utopia talk!


I can’t get over how many buts there are! They just go on and on!

Reality Check -

When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.

The possibilities for our lives are infinite and yet we insist on living within certain boundaries because that’s what we’ve gotten used to, and no matter how mediocre or horrendous it becomes, we are either too complacent, or too terrified of change to do it differently.

Here are a few rules of thumb I have adopted for life that can be helpful...

Firstly – I be as honest as I can be and correct any wrong on my part as soon as I possibly can.

Secondly – I task myself to do the very best I can do at everything I venture into.

Thirdly – Since I have a limited perspective of things, I consider ALL things a possibility.

Fourthly – I realize we ALL have 'limitations'. I do my best to not ‘over-ask’ things of people. It reduces the pressure on our relationship and lowers my disappointment factor. [This is applicable to Self also] 



The Four Agreements


If you have never heard of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I highly recommend the teaching. You can find a great article on the subject on our Sister Site - The Four Agreements (awakenednexus.com)

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

These are great concepts to live by and very helpful in our endeavor to move our ‘Buts’ out of the way as we step beyond our self-imposed and world-imposed limitations. It it time for us to remember that WE are the creators of our reality.



We are Masters of Energy in an Unconscious State...

...and in this state everything we are creating is undermined with destruction.


If all emotion is based in either Love or Fear, where are we much of the time?

We have been taught that stability is the desired result. Stability tends to make us feel safe and less fearful but the price of stability is our Freedom. Some say, Freedom is Not Free, but I say, It is supposed to be! The question is, Who is putting a price on it? 

Everything that I am highlighting here is intuitively known to each of us, but we have been forcefully spoon-fed a message of fear and limitation. We know intuitively that we are being lied to.

So basically, we need to get over ourselves and stop making excuses for our perceived limitations. In order to steer our destiny, we must take responsibility. Being response-able does not mean you are to blame. It is the act of being responsive to a situation. The only guilt is that which we lay upon ourselves – a useless waste of energy, in my opinion. There’s no point in regretting what we’ve done since each moment offers us a different choice. We do, however, have to make different choices if we want a different outcome.


On the Brink of a New Era



Our world appears to be teetering on the brink of a new era. The destruction seems to be closing in on us, yet beauty still surrounds us. Many of us in the U.S. have always been able to view the destruction in the distance. 'Someone over there must have done something wrong and now they’re being punished. It has nothing to do with us. We didn’t do it!'

Here’s a clue – whatever is done to another is done unto You/Me/Us. We FEEL EVERYTHING through the Collective Consciousness. It is not ‘over there’ somewhere. It is here – now! Let us alter the course of destruction in each moment. We are energetic beings living in a world of energy, and that energy flows and coalesces at our command. Let no one tell you otherwise!

Before you start making noises about how impossible that’s going to be, given our current situation, I will remind you again that ...

WE are the creators of our reality.

ALL things are possible with the focus of our will.


What then, shall we choose? Light and Creation, or Darkness and Destruction.



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