Many Ponderations

Writing is an intimate thing. I often write about what I'm witnessing and how it makes me feel. Sometimes it won't leave me alone until I do. The thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions that present themselves to me, run from profound to outrageous, and quite often hilarious - sometimes, all three.

I hope my ponderings bring you to laughter and tears, joy and heartbreak - not necessarily in that order. Most of all, I hope they inspire you to create a better world for yourself and those around you.  


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I am dedicated to the upliftment of our social consciousness. If you find that you have enjoyed this site and would like to contact me, you can send a message from the Contact page under Important Links. 

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The Fear Factor

Fear of the unknown has plagued Mankind since we awakened on this planet. It is always best to know your 'enemy' and the true nature of it. Knowledge and Courage are two of the greatest tools at our disposal.

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The Power of Intention

ALL Humans need the same things – clean air, water, and food; shelter; love; community; and a sense of purpose. Considering the abundance on our planet, it is clear there is enough for all and no reason to take from another. 

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